Shipping Policy

1. Shipping Costs

Prices of our wines and alcoholic beverages do not include shipping charges (or sales tax if you are accepting delivery in California). Shipping charges vary depending on the destination, weight and speed of delivery.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated at the time your order is placed based on the information you give.

Our shipping containers hold 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 bottles of most wines (some larger bottles require magnum shippers). We recommend you keep this in mind when ordering as an odd number (7, for instance) will be shipped in the bigger box, increasing the shipping charges per bottle. We also carry large format shippers.

2. Domestic Shipping Options

Domestically, we ship Ground, 3 Day Select, 2-Day Air and Next Day Air (Standard and Priority) via UPS: Please Note any Next Day Air, 2-Day Air, and 3 Day Select orders must be placed by Friday 3pm (PST). If the order is placed after 3pm (PST) the order will be fulfilled on Monday morning. 

Ground Service – one (1) to five (5) business days in transit, depending on the location
3-Day Select – three (3) business days in transit
2-Day Air – two (2) business days in transit
Next-Day Air – one (1) business day in transit (Priority assures morning delivery in most areas)
In calculating transit times, shipping companies do not count the day the item is picked up. Generally, all orders are processed within one (1) business day (if placed after noon Pacific time). We will contact you by the end of the next business day if there are any problems with your order. We will notify you by email of any unexpected delays in processing and/or shipping your order. During times of bad weather, we recommend you don’t ship your wines but if you must, using 2nd Day or Next Day shipping is best to avoid spoilage. Orders to Alaska or Hawaii must be shipped 2nd Day Air at a minimum.

Generally, orders are shipped the next business day unless the shipment would spend the weekend in transit. In that case, we ship on Monday. You will receive an email from UPS notifying you that your wines have been shipped and providing you with the tracking number(s) for your shipment.

We highly recommend shipping to a business address where an adult will be present to receive shipments during business hours. If the shipment is returned to us by UPS for any reason (including but not limited to an improper or incomplete address) we will charge you again for any re-shipment. If we are asked to re-direct a shipment in transit for any reason we will pass the additional UPS charges ($20.00) on to you. So please make sure the address is complete including business name, department or mail stop, if any, and suite number if going to a business complex.

3. Weather and Limited Weather Holds

It is important to understand that wine and alcoholic beverages are perishable and very sensitive to temperature. This should be taken into consideration especially while wine and alcoholic beverages are in transit. We recommend that you take the weather into consideration in selecting the appropriate shipping method for your purchases. Transporting wine and alcoholic beverages in extreme weather conditions, even by overnight service, may seriously damage it. During periods of extreme weather, Corks & Crates strongly advises against the transport of wines and alcoholic beverages by any means. During these times we are pleased to provide you with free, short-term storage until better weather conditions prevail (Limited Weather Hold). Once you are ready to ship give us a call at 619.255.5383 or an email to and we will ship the wine or alcoholic beverages to its final destination.

If shipment is requested during periods of extreme weather, the buyer exempts

Corks & Crates from any liability for any damage to the wines or alcoholic beverages during shipment. Please remember these are your wines or alcoholic beverages and you determine the shipping method and timing.

Please keep in mind that we are not in the wine or alcoholic beverages storage business. Hence, we will assess storage fees for orders kept longer than 6 months at a rate of $10.00 per case, per month (one case minimum).

4. Insurance Requirements

Because all wines and alcoholic beverages purchased from Corks & Crates is sold in California and title passes to you (the buyer) in California, you are responsible for the shipment of your wine, including the procurement of insurance. Insurance for breakage is including in your shipping costs at the time of purchase. Please note, weather damage is NOT covered by this or any other insurance.

5. In The Event of a Damaged Shipment

Corks & Crates will refund insured purchases only for the breakage of wine while in transit. Corks & Crates will not refund shipments for any other types of damages, such as, but not limited too, the defacing of labels, the failure or damage to corks and capsules, spoilage, and all other forms of damage. If you receive wine or alcoholic beverages that has been broken during shipping, do not contact UPS, they will not issue refunds, please contact Corks & Crates directly within 24 hours of receiving the parcel. We Will only replace broken items once you have shipped the items back to us. Note that weather damage is NOT covered by this insurance and we will not be responsible nor will we replace bottles damaged by the weather. Again, you, the customer, are the ultimate decision-maker for shipping of your wine or alcoholic beverages.

6. Delivery Attempt

Whenever possible, we encourage you to use a commercial business address to assure the fastest delivery time. It is your responsibility to provide an address for delivery where an adult will be present at the time of delivery. If an adult is not available to receive the package, two subsequent attempts to deliver the shipment will be made. If these delivery attempts are unsuccessful, UPS will notify you that your shipment will be available for pickup at a local UPS substation for approximately 10 days. If your shipment is not claimed during this time, UPS will return your wine or alcoholic beverages  to Corks & Crates. If your wine or alcoholic beverages is returned to us, you still own the wine (all sales are final) and need to make other arrangements to get the wines or alcoholic beverages to you. This will include additional shipping charges and may also include storages charges.